The idea for this renovation project came to light as this car shares its name with our beloved beer brand, Kestrel. Much like our beers, we have nurtured and developed this car to give it a new lease of life; finally uncovering its true potential.

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The Flying Kestrel was previously stored in a barn, in pieces since 1965. Using the original 1935 wooden body, this Riley Kestrel car has been built to maintain the original beauty, whilst simultaneously having the capability to reach record-breaking speeds. 


This level of capability and detail does not come easy, which is why we carefully selected the best of the best - Webster Race Engineering to take on this mighty task. In true Kestrel fighting spirit, nothing is done half-heartedly; after many brainstorming sessions, thousands of hours (and all during a global pandemic), we can finally introduce to you -The Flying Kestrel.


Born in Scotland and crafted using the Holy Brewing Method, Kestrel has a range of award-winning lagers. Available in a Kestrel Super Premium 9% and Kestrel Premium 5%, these lagers are crafted using water from a nearby natural source with the finest Herkules, Zeus and Summit hops and a generous amount of crushed Scottish malt. Fermented for a full 7-days in a process known as the Holy Brewing Method, Kestrel gains its vibrant golden colour and rich complex flavour.

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Lead by Jon Webster; Webster Race Engineering has made a mark within the racing world, with numerous records set throughout various national events. Jon Webster was involved in several high-profile vehicles including the world-record-holding four-cylinder Ford Focus built for Ford USA, Chrysler's first PT Cruiser race car and Bentley's race car program.

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